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I am an alumni of the Digital Animation program at BCIT as of 2005. I worked briefly for video game giant, EA Games, on FIFA 2006 as a technical artist, and have been elbowing my way back into video game development ever since. I hope to be involved in many projects in the upcoming years and look forward to becoming an active member of the indie game community.

While my focus (and strength) is 3d art, I have an interest in all mediums. Amazing things seem to come from oblique angles these days, and I would hate to rule anything out for fear of the unfamiliar. The challenge of tackling something new has helped me produce some of my best work to date.

I have an insatiable appetite for point and click adventure games. Perhaps I was indoctrined early with the likes of Monkey Island and Myst, but I can't seem to look away. I adore a well told story, and the detailed graphics don't hurt either. Luckily for me, programs like 'Adventure Game Studio' exist, which is where I become involved in production for the 'Ruins of Souls - Mysteries of Peak Valley'.

I use Softimage XSI/Maya to model, render and light my scenes, and Photoshop for textures and other 2D art.

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